Sunshine Park and the Angel of Hope are ready for our 3rd Annual Candlelight Vigil.

Thanks to the FL SIDS Alliance for donating the poinsettia and for the the City of Altamonte Springs for always doing such a wonderful job in making sure that Sunshine Park and the Angel are looking well kept and beautiful for all of us to share.

Thanks to the wonderful donation and support of the FL SIDS Alliance and the great work of the City of Altamonte Springs we now will have lighting that will illuminate our Christmas Box Angel of Hope.

We will all get to see our Angel of Hope and the new lighting at our annual Candlelight Vigil on December 6th at 7pm.

You can RVSP and have your child’s name said during the ceremony various ways: You can email us at or message/comment on our Facebook page.

We also have a Facebook Event created as well for your convenience.