FL SIDS Alliance

Florida SIDS Alliance

The FL SIDS Alliance has been a big supporter of the Angel of Hope of Central Florida.

In 1985, the Florida SIDS Alliance was formed through the efforts of SIDS parent groups and concerned professionals. This group of parents, families, friends and professionals have united to form a network of caring people, sharing their strength, their love and concern about SIDS.

Because SIDS occurs unexpectedly, and usually at home, nearly every parent feels in some way responsible for the baby’s death, until the facts are explained. The sudden and unexpected nature of SIDS, and the investigation which follows, may provoke serious feelings of guilt, self-recrimination and inadequacy. Parents need information about SIDS and reassurance that the feelings they are experiencing are normal and part of the total healing process after such a traumatic loss.

To learn more about the FL SIDS Alliance visit their website http://www.flasids.com/ or call 800-SIDS-FLA